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What’s happening on Crugan Farm

21.06.2018 We’ve had a shopping spree today… for cows and calves! So, why not take advantage of the forecast for the weekend and book in and enjoy the lovely weather and possibly catch a glipms of our farming life during your stay?!

A heddiw yn ddiwrnod “hirddydd haf” beth am dechrau eich haf gyda penwythnos gyda ni?!

12.06.2018 Psst! Father’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re looking for a fun bonding activity, why not book a weekend with us?!

3 Fun ideas for Father’s Day at Crugan Farm:

  • get the BBQ out and wake those morning taste buds with some bacon!
  • there is so much you can do during the day, from watching the farm animals, exploring the coastal path to beach activities i.e. fishing, canoeing, or even a spin on the jet ski!
  • and wht not finish the day off by having the kids plan a scavenger hunt for dad? Maybe you could leave clues to lead him to your picnic spot or even lead the way to the destination of your evening meal! (*more information about places to eat within walking distance can be found on our page >The Area >Places to eat)

19.05.2018 Good morning! The sun is finally shining this May Bank Holiday weekend… we’ve alrady been out moving the sheep and lambs to fresh pastures, and are now ready to enjoy some sunshine down on the beach!